Tracer technology helps us to understand the flow from and within the reservoir without disrupting it, tracking and quantifying the movement of fluids with unparalleled precision.

By using tracers, we can quantify comparative data to assess relative performance over time, providing a level of confidence about the client’s subsurface models that can’t easily be achieved otherwise. This enables better decision-making for achieving enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and production allocation, all while improving safety and reducing environmental footprint by using a lot less equipment and personnel compared to traditional methods.

Tracers are the only proof of mass transport, the only direct measurement of flow, and the most intuitive way to understand fluid movement. As tracer provides direct proof of movement, no model ambiguity is introduced.


At RESMAN, we go BEYOND NANO: we offer the lowest detection level in the industry at parts per trillion.

We help our customers reduce subsurface uncertainty by providing definitive proof of mass transport in the oil reservoir, CCUS and geothermal and new energy domains.

We achieve our leadership position by integrating scientific fields and embracing the chemistry of the reservoir through the lenses of physics and biotech to grasp fluid movements directly, be it water, oil and gas, or CO2.

RESMAN’s safe and reliable tracer technology can handle extreme operational conditions without intervention risk, delivering operational and economic benefits and enabling a viable energy future. It brings the most economical technology for reservoir insight, eliminating the need to use expensive tools or wired systems, at a fraction of the cost.


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Field-proven and continuously verified by rigorous laboratory qualification testing.

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Time-tested procedures with rigorous internal processes and high accuracy and quality.

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Unrivalled expertise and experience in challenging offshore environments.

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Proven in wells with complex completion designs and long production tie-backs.

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Protracted durability of the tracers with the longest lifespan in the industry (30 years of proven detectability).

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Tailor-made tracers customized to unique client needs.

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Trusted data validated by experts with quantitative and patented interpretation methods.

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Extensive data volume with a wealth of data points unique in the industry.

RESBase is our unique operational and logistics database with records from 1986 and 500k + unique data points.


Clients in 
60 countries


Inflow wells,
since 2006


tracer systems, 1,000km/3281ft
tracer rods


in complex offshore and subsea environment


Longest detection history since RIH: 12 years


At RESMAN’s Trondheim-based lab we leverage state-of-the-art technology and the leading scientific experts in the field.

Our central lab with top global experts guarantees no compromise on quality, and a faster delivery time compared to other methods. State- of- the-art instrumentation with high sensitivity and precision offers results that accurately portray the flow of fluid from and within the reservoir.

RESMAN’s unique interdisciplinary approach to science and our brilliant scientific team applying time-tested rigorous procedures allow us to offer uncontested parts per trillion detection limits in the industry. Our lab technicians are hired from the medical and biotechnology companies, with the mindset of delivering a healthcare level of lab precision and quality. RESMAN’s ultra-sensitive laboratory techniques enable the use of significantly lower amounts of chemicals to bring superior data interpretation results.

By applying our proven and tested methods for lowest levels of detection, we can detect extremely low concentrations by using the same cutting-edge instrumentation used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. With our experts leveraging equipment, we make the most of the instruments with significantly reduced uncertainties in result interpretation.

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Focusing solely on tracer technology, RESMAN offers a depth and breadth of solutions for production, reservoir and new energy domains. We are a “one-stop-shop" for remote reservoir monitoring with offerings spanning planning, field operation, lab analyses and data interpretation. 


Gas and water tracking

Oil saturation measurement

EOR performance monitoring


We are the exclusive provider of CO2 tracers for CO2 leakage monitoring to surface, with a highly sensitive sampling system manufactured in-house.

CAT - Chemical AbSorPtion Tube for Gas Sampling

Easy sampling

Non-hazardous shipment 

Uncontested detection limits – PPQ– parts per quadrillion 



RESMAN offers intervention-less zonal production insight with our production solutions for the measurement of the zonal inflow for gas, oil and water, and zonal flow performance profile providing valuable reservoir insights. 

Learn more about our production solutions.

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RESMAN® Reservoir

RESMAN’s tracer technology enables reservoir modeling with confidence through flow and saturation mapping of water, gas, and oil, quantifying inter-well connection magnitude and sweep efficiency.

Learn more about our reservoir solutions.

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RESMAN® New Energy

With its industry-leading tracer technology, RESMAN is ideally positioned to tackle CCUS, geothermal and new energy challenges. We offer proof of concept as the only company in the industry that has continuously monitored a CCUS project for over 15 years, with tracers able to withstand extreme heat and hostile reservoir conditions. 

Learn more about our new energy solutions.

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