January 19, 2024

RESMAN Fills Order for Field Deployment in Australia

On the other hand, the framework and place of training of personnel require the definition and clarification of the relevant conditions for activation.

RESMAN today received an order from an international operator in Australia (name withheld due to client’s policy) to equip an oil field offshore NW Australia with its groundbreaking technology for production monitoring.

RESMANs technology will be used to monitor test production of the two first oil producing wells and water breakthrough in the three fields that constitute the Pyrenees development.

RESMANs technology is based on intelligent materials and non-radioactive tracers placed along the wellbore in oil wells, and enables the operator to evaluate production start-up and when and where unwanted water is entering the well. Says CEO Oddvar Solemsli of RESMAN: “Inspired by the fantastic support we have received from StatoilHydro to get trials and pilots, we have been looking to deploy the technology to a whole field development. This client has proved to be a first mover and we are delighted to work with them to bring value to their field development. RESMAN is building industry – affordable, wireless and permanent well monitoring of all wells will become the reality that asset managers have dreamed of for a long time.”