Turid Wist

Laboratory Engineer

How long have you been working at RESMAN?

In April 2024 it will be 17 years. I’m lucky to have been a member of the RESMAN family for so long.

Please describe your professional path.

I’m a chemical engineer by education, with a degree from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. Prior to joining RESMAN, I worked as a laboratory engineer for Chiron, a leading producer and supplier of advanced chemical products, and at the NTNU, helping them start the software system EcoOnline helping companies transform their approach to health & safety and chemical safety.

What is working at RESMAN like?

It has been a great journey from the first day I stepped into the small office at Gløshaugen on the 16th of April 2007 with Anne, Fridtjof and Oddvar Solemsli, RESMAN’s first CEO. My first task was to scan documents and get the organized a big stack of IP documents on Fridtjof’s desk, all while I was working on complex R&D tasks at the lab at SINTEF (The Foundation for Industrial and Technical Research). With RESMAN, I mostly worked on the applications and approvals for the use of tracers in numerous wells around the world, production of tracers and tracer systems, integration of tracer systems, tracer sampling in offshore wells, and analysis of field samples. All in all, I have been very lucky as I had opportunities to do many different jobs at RESMAN. This variety of tasks, opportunities to work on a great technology, along with great colleagues, are the main reasons I still find it very interesting to work for RESMAN.

What is your most cherished work memory?

This not an easy answer, as there are too many! Numerous trips with my colleagues, both business and pleasure, have taught me a lot of valuable lessons and they were a huge motivator to continue working with RESMAN.

What is the best conversation starter you’ve heard at the office?

These happen on a daily basis – it is really hard to pick a single one!

What do you like to do in your own time?

I like spending time with family and friends, going to the gym, skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

What makes you laugh?

I laugh very easily, and I am easily humored- I laugh at all kinds of jokes people make!

Is there a quote that inspires you?

Live in the present! Don’t put off things that you can do today.

What is the best advice you would give to someone just starting at the RESMAN?

Enjoy the fantastic people you’ll have around you and the great technology you will work on!

What is the biggest achievement of your team?

My team at the lab made much progress with efficiency over the last two years, expediting the turnaround time and reducing the time it takes to deliver results to the customer from when the samples are received. And when we get our new lab, we will be even more efficient! This is of course because of the people on the team, but also owing to all the effort other teams are making continuously to develop new, better methods and procedures for everyone.